Visual Effects

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

Rob Marshall

Senior Creature Technical Director - Industrial Light and Magic, Singapore


I developed the animation rig for the Blackpearl. This rig gave the animators the capability of controlling the yards, sheets and sails for all points of sail. The ship could be trimmed using a wind direction control and then individual sails and yards could be offset using offset controls. This rig was then extended to a number of other ships making up the fleet of captured ships in Blackbeard's cabinet. During the development of these rigs I worked with the animation team to help develop the motion of the sailing ships.


I developed and ran the simulations for the Blackpearl's sails and rigging. The Blackpearl was caught in a storm and was sailing with its full complement of sails. The simulations had to give the impression of strong gusty wind with sudden lulls and turbulence running over the sails. Using this setup I oversaw the running of the simulations on the other ships making up the captured fleet.


Working closely with the VFX Supervisor, I developed the camera movement and layout of assets and props for the closeup shot where the monkey is seen running up the rigging. I also ran the simulations on this shot.

Blackpearl in a bottle Blackpearl weathers a storm in a bottle Blackbeards Cabinet