Visual Effects

Mission Imposible: Ghost Protocol

Brad Bird

Senior Creature Technical Director - Industrial Light and Magic, Singapore


For the 'Red Square' sequence a red balloon was required to be flown to a chimney stack and popped to drop a device into the chimney. I created the cloth simulation setup for the strings, antenna and the bursting of the balloon, and ran the simulations for these shots


There were a number of animation rigs developed for this show including a balloon with camera device, a submarine with missile doors, a multi stage missile and a projection screen device. As the team was short of work, I used these assets to teach various rigging techniques to the junior members and had them execute the rigs under supervision.


In the 'Red Square' sequence the shot where the balloon pops is a completely CG shot. In this shot I developed the camera move and the composition of the shot as well as the animation of the device falling into the chimney

Multiple Discipline Support

I was required to work with the animation team, the layout team and lighting artists to debug problematic scenes and address issues within the pipeline.

Walking through Red Sqaure with balloon device Balloon bursts, device deployed Image screen deployed