Visual Effects

Transformers: Dark of the Moon

Michael Bay

Senior Creature Technical Director - Industrial Light and Magic, Singapore

The shot required the feeling of impact as the sword was driven into the wall but this impact happened within 12 frames. Further to this was managing the amount of debris required for the shot, which required removal from the simulation as soon as the geometry was no longer contributing to it. Despite all of the debris tumbling down over him has Sentinel Prime descended, he was to remain in full view. This required an elaborate setup to move the debris around him in a believable manner.

Another difficult shot was where Bumblebee destroys the final 'Pillar'. This shot was made difficult by a time shift through the simulation. In order to achieve the high speed look, careful animation of simulation parameters was required.

Multiple Discipline Support

I was required to work with both the animation team and lighting artists to debug problematic scenes and address issues within the pipeline.

Sentinel Prime descends the facade of the Jeweler's building. Bumblebee destroys last 'Pillar.' Deceptacon has leg blown off.