Visual Effects

Transformers: Dark of the Moon

Michael Bay

Senior Creature Technical Director - Industrial Light and Magic, Singapore

Supervisory Role

As part of a transition of responsibilities, I began to assume a more supervisory position within the creature department, and in this roll I was required to assist creature department supervisor with the preparation and management of department shot bids and working with the production team to plan, prioritise and maintain schedules with a focus on the production goals.

In this new roll I began to manage the department rounds, provide dailies submission reviews and, working closely with the vfx supervisor provide dailies and technical reviews, offering direction, solutions and support to the artists in the completion of shots.

I was required to take part in weekly meetings with the Production Supervisor and the other team supervisors to discuss progress and any issues that may need addressing.

I was now required to mentor the artists within the team in an official capacity, providing personal reviews and working with the 3D artist manager helping guide career progression and planing training.


I was require to run the rigid body simulations for a number of destruction shots. The most challenging of these was the shot where Sentinel Prime uses his two bladed sword to slow his decent as he slides down to facade of the Jeweler's Building.

Sentinel Prime descends the facade of the Jeweler's building. Bumblebee destroys last 'Pillar.' Deceptacon has leg blown off.