Visual Effects

The Avengers

Joss Whedon

Senior Creature Technical Director - Industrial Light and Magic, Singapore

Supervisory Role

Continuing my role in a supervisory position I was required to assist the production team in managing team schedules, deliverables and shot development, delivering notes and feedback from dailies and teleconference sessions with the vfx supervisor in San Francisco, and giving notes to the team prior to approving work for review.

In this supervisory role, working closely with the animation team and team in San Fransisco, I oversaw and guided the development of animation rigs for a number of characters, vehicles and props which included the Quinjet aircraft, the digi-double rig for the Black Widow character, a F-22 aircraft , the alien deployment chain system and the alien chariots.

Working closely with one of the senior artists I was responsible for overseeing the development of a destruction test where one of the large alien jumbo creatures slices into the side of a large building with its pectoral fin.


Further to the supervisory responsibilities, I was responsible for the develpment of the digi-double animation rig for the Captain America character. This rig for Captain America was required to operate in a realistic and non-cartoon manner. The rig was made up of a underlaying motion capture rig with a standard control rig layered over this allowing performance capture to be adjusted by the animation team.

There were also a number of simple rigs for the crowd digi-doubles that I built for the crowd simulation setup.