Visual Effects

Hellboy 2 - The Golden Army

Guillermo del Toro

Technical Director - Double Negative

Auction House Tooth Fairies

I was required, as part of a team, to create the fairy swarm for a number of shots using dnSwarm, a proprietary multi behavioural particle tool. dnSwarm provided various behaviours, such as flying, crawling and idling, but I was required to continue to develop, add and test new behaviours required for each shot

In the shots of the fairies bursting out of the wall, I created a number of individual streams each shaped to guide the swarm around the agent.

In the explosion sequence I was able to create buffeting of the fairies by creating a rig using several fields to simulate the shock waves and behaviour controls to 'kill' the fairies as they became engulfed.

Where the agent is attacked on the floor I created the two layers crawling over each other by expanding the digi-double geometry. For the eating fairies I used individual emitters for each fairy allowing me to control their individual orientations.

With previous pipeline experience, i was able to support the pipeline T.D. in the development of scripts for the sequence.

Goldern Army Egg Chamber

I was required to light several of the shots including the finale, the army shut down sequence. Due to an extended camera pull this required the chamber to be scaled to match the arena. This meant the generic lighting rigs could not be used and I had to repaint some of the textures in particular the walkways and stairs.

Fairies Attacking Agent Liz Explodes Golden Army Shutting Down