Visual Effects


Roland Emmerich

Pipeline Supervisor - Double Negative

Lavabomb Animation Rig

I developed the animation rig for the lava-bombs. This required 3 variants and each had up to 8 sizes which could be specifically selected, or randomised. The direction, speed, trajectory were all controlable, as well as the ability to tumble and spin the bombs around their axes.

St Peters Basillica Animation Rig

Working with the St Peters Team, I rigged St Peters Basilica for its destruction.

The Rig required the whole Basilica to be able to lift as the earthquake moved through, and then for whole sections to begin to collapse, while columns, architraves, statues and other details broke off separately, but following the motion of the main structures. The main dome was also require to roll through the square.

Lava-bomb hits R.V. Lava-bombs rain down Running for the plane