Visual Effects


Roland Emmerich

Pipeline Supervisor - Double Negative


I was responsible for developing the lava-bomb pipeline from animation to delivery to Compositing.

The lava-bomb sequences had as many as 400 bombs in a scene. The animation, and each bombs unique characteristics were cached out for use in Houdini, to create the rigid body simulations, which when completed were brought back into Maya for dust and lava simulations.

Tracking Data was baked out of Maya for the compositing team to place elements in the shots.

Further data was sent to the fluid simulation team to create the trails.

All of these assets were then used by the lighting team to light the shots. the pipeline was flexible enough to allow the lighters to update their scenes at any stage, and allow them to retain sometimes significant changes to the light rigs.

Flocking Birds

Leading a small team I continuing the development of dnSwarm, extending the system to allow for multiple types of creature, in this case 3 species of bird, and consolodating the toolsets. I also provided initial shot layout and shot development for the fleeing birds prior to the main explosion in Yellowstone.

Lava-bomb hits R.V. Lava-bombs rain down Running for the plane