Visual Effects

10,000 B.C.

Roland Emmerich

Sequence Supervisor - Double Negative

Log Trap Animation Rig

I created an animation rig for the log mass trapping the tiger. This had several animation controls for the key logs and the rest of the mass then twisted and moved in relation to the key log animation.

Tongue Animation Rig

I modeled and rigged the tongue of the sabre-toothed tiger.The rig provided the animators with a high level of control over the shape of the tongue and allowed shapes to be maintained as the tongue moved in and out of the mouth.This gave the required degree of control when interacting with and around the teeth.

Muscle Displacement Rig

I developed the muscle displacement rig used to drive displacement maps. Controls were driven by the rotation of or distance between selected joints and I developed a suite of MEL scripts for the creation of these controls. The controls provided weight values to a PRman shader through a baked XML script.


The production supervisor and I developed the spec. for a 'Snapshot Tool' that allowed us to track the status of each of the pipeline for each shot. This was integrated into the asset system by R & D and I continued to manage the implementation and development of the tool.

I helped to develop the methodology for the muscle pipeline to provide cached geometry for fur, water simulation and lighting, and created a suite of MEL scripts to automate the muscle and displacement simulation pipeline.

Tiger Trapped Under Logs Tiger Approaches De'Leh Tiger Enters Village